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How to Keep Looking Your Best with Age

Good looking and flawless skin is the key number one to self-beauty confidence all year round despite the change in seasons. During winter season it sometimes becomes very hard to keep and maintain good skin. The good news is that we can still achieve great summer glow skin even during winter season.

For those of us living in areas prone to cold and dry climates. Normally in the winter season there is little moisture content in the atmosphere and in addition indoor heating systems dehydrate the skin, therefore it is very vital to address this dryness of the winter skin in order to keep the skin looking luminous and beautiful. Below are seven ways I exercise to look more beautiful in winter. Having access to the lastest beauty salon technology will ensure you look younger and more beautiful.

1.      Stay hydrated always

During summer and hot temperatures, I take a lot of water since the thirst will force me to take more water. I am able to train myself to take in more fluids during the winter seasons so as to keep the body hydrated and the skin at large. Since its cold I can take warm water or even a cup of tea to keep myself hydrated always.

2.      Wear sunscreen

Despite the cold season there are still ultra-violet rays in the atmosphere, therefore, the sunscreens are still very vital to be worn. It’s also very important to look for moisturising sunscreens in order to maintain extra moisture on your winter skin. Because I understand that Ultra Violet rays contain free radicals which damage the skin tissues, exposure to UV causes sunburns and other harmful effects; so I wear sunscreen to protect myself against this effects.

3.      Take good care of the lips

It’s very important to protect the lips by use of a moisturising balm since chapped lips in the winter season are a downer and can be very painful when exposed to extreme cold conditions and chapping makes it very hard for any cosmetics to stay in place.

4.      Remember your hands

Hands are highly susceptible to chapping in cold weather. To keep my hands moisturised, I use hand cream. I also put on gloves to keep my hands warm and moisturised.

4.5 Choose cosmetics wisely

The skin normally tends to be drier during the wintertime, leading to dry patches and flanking. I find it best to use primer which helps the cosmetic to go on smoothly. Tinted moisturiser is also a good idea as it will moisturise and give the skin coverage preventing it from drying. I prefer cream blushes and liquid foundations since they give more moisturising than the powder based.

5.      Get an humidifier

Humidifier gets more moisture to your offices and homes which help prevent your skin from drying out.

6.      Dress nicely

       Avoid wet gloves and socks as they can irritate the skin causing cracking, itching and sores. Jeans and boots are a winter staple and comfortable. When outdoors in the cold, have a coat on.

7.      General care of the skin

We all understand that harsh winds and heating leads to most skin types dry out quickly; the solution is simple! For me I just take plenty of water and apply oil free, easily absorbed lotions.

If none of this helps you look more beautiful with age you can always opt to get some help from your local beauty salon.

Most clinics have the latest beauty equipment such as ultrasound microdermabrasion machines and IPL lasers.

Before you use technology to help you look younger make sure you learn about any possible side effects.

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