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A Better Way to Get Rid of Unsightly Hair

Everybody desires to have that smooth silky skin that feels soft to touch, but the unwanted hair on our bodies brings some sort of embarrassment, takes away our confidence to show off our beautiful bodies and that teasing from friends; oh my! Unwanted hair can just hold you from having fun with friends, going to the beach in that beautiful bikini or putting on those tank tops and shorts.

What is the solution to getting rid of unsightly hair without having to endure the pain of having someone tweeze out each hair folicle by folicle?  I know you have tried all means to remove those unwanted hair in your body; including shaving, waxing, tweezing, but the solution you get is for a short while. Those razor bumps that you get after shaving and the rate at which the hair will grow again, if feels like what! Was this hair top dressed with fertiliser or what!

It’s kind of you didn’t do anything to remove it. Personally when I used to think of waxing, the pain just turned me away, which is one of the reasons i looked at ipl laser hair removal. I learned pretty quickly that you just have to persevere because the presence of those hairs on the body is just a nuisance. After a period of six weeks, the hair starts growing again and the fear of experiencing that pain when waxing sets in.

When you think of electrolysis and depilatories as the option to remove those hairs, the same worry of pain comes in. In fact, Electrolysis is more painful than waxing so I better be with my hairs because I cannot withstand the pain.

Those chemicals used in depilatories might be harmful to the skin and I can’t risk using that method. Tweezing needs a lot of time and the hair shaft have to be long enough so that it can be grasped by tweezers. Where on earth will I get that time when the hair has filled my arms and legs, removing it one by one can take a whole time in the world.

If you have been in the same terrible search for a solution to remove unwanted like me, then you have a reason to smile. When I learned of the new technology for hair removal; IPL Laser hair removal, I had a reason to smile and share my joy with the whole world. A friend of mine who had a tattoo removal treatment done by IPL told me to give it a go to get rid of my unsightly black hair that shone through my you know whats.

This was like a dream come true! Can you imagine that feeling of something you have desired for so long? Well, the Laser technology and IPL technology works similar with IPL using broad spectrum of wavelengths as Laser uses selective principle. This type of beatuy treatment is painless and quick. It doesn’t consume time and after four to six treatment sessions, the hair is permanently removed.

Sounds interesting right? So do you see the reason why you have to smile? The solution for your unwanted hair is IPL Laser hair removal!

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